In 1994 she had a performing role in “B.F.D” Dance party Bermuda, a dance troupe that perform in Bermuda’s various hotels and other venues. Wanda also choreographed the 1995/96-road show produced by Patricia Podgson also the local musical “Once on This Island” performed at the Hamilton Princess in the Gazebo Lounge. Wanda also head a liturgical dance group called “Saints in Motion” from 1996 – 2000, and Heritage Worship Center Moving’ in the Spirit” from 2005 until present. Her dance teachers training is with Dance Masters of American and her dance teaching experience is with the, Black Box theatre, Community Education, United Dance Productions for seven years and Jackson School of Dance 2002 - 2014 and is currently the Dance teacher at CedarBridge Academy since 2007. Recently she obtains a master degree in education and is also a licensed Zumba instructor.